You know that place. The place that makes you smile. The place where you feel safe, calm, loved and joyous! The place where you know you are making a difference in other’s lives.

Of course, you probably answered “YES” to more than one of these questions, and I want to help you achieve these things. But why learn Scalp Trading with HODLNOTS?

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So, you’ve read the positive reviews, read the detailed description and now have purchased this mini powerhouse Sales and Marketing APP.

You’ve followed the steps and downloaded it onto your phone.

You may have even had a go at importing a contact or two.

You are ready to use it to build your business…but, now what?

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“Successful people build each other up. They motivate, inspire, and push each other.” — Marius Landman, Founder BitcoinTAF & Day Trade Masters

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The humble plate DAY TRADE MASTERS brings to the table. Using time-tested strategies, years of experience, skills learned by making errors, learning, and… Read more here



Crypto volatility is the reality of every trader’s world. Every big rally is inevitably followed by a retracement or flash crash — that’s just how the flow of the market works.

To avoid experiencing loss when this happens, you can, instead, leverage a concept called “short selling” that allows you to make money while prices are falling — all without owning the asset.

Let Salsa Signals help you take advantage of this type of trading!

What does “Shorting a Coin” mean?

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