A Trade Setup Was Posted,
Now What?

7 min readJan 5, 2023

Day Trade Masters or DTM can be an incredibly powerful tool to compound gains and rapidly grow your portfolio from anywhere in the world with a wifi connection. Considering that Approximately $112 billion is traded in cryptocurrency per day, there is no surprise that Day Trading and Swing Trading Strategies are becoming so popular.

When done right, we can consistently see overall portfolio growth hit double or even triple digits in a month, but when done incorrectly Day Trading can be very frustrating. However exciting crypto trading might be, you need to understand that it is a very high-risk venture due to the markets’ volatile nature and the manner in which you carry out Risk Management will make or break your results.

Therefore, you can’t jump into a trade without first establishing some “steps to success”. Having a consistent method can go a long way to you benefitting from working alongside Day Trade Masters:

  • Rebuild the chart on Tradingview
  • Set Alerts and adjust as you go
  • Avoid Fake-Outs
  • Pay particularly close attention to Allocation Size
  • Use Proper Diversification Methods
  • Don’t chase a trade, let them come to you

Without further ado, let’s take a look at five strategies you can use to ease your way around crypto trading.

Rebuild the Chart on Tradingview

Charts can be a little intimidating at first, but like all new things you will quickly get the hang of it. For additional assistance, we have prepared additional resources and strategies for you to utilize. To start, we just use a few different functions and drawing tools:

  • Symbol Search
  • Find and select the correct trading pair and exchange
  • Horizontal Rays
  • Quickly let us pin price points and set alerts
  • Templates
  • Rapidly set up charts without having to manually change colors etc.

It will take time to master this, but it’ll maximize how effictive you are and you’ll quickly improve. The results are proven time and again, and this is the best solution for you to be able to live your life without having to be glued to the screen all the time.

We always recommend new users build their way to taking the Hodlnots Course where you’ll quickly accelerate your progress and gain a lifelong skill (and the Hodlnator indicator!) in the process. As your skills evolve there is the Ultimate Trading Course as well, a Certification Program for Elite Analysts and aspiring Full-Time Traders but that’ll come later on.

You’ll notice my charts look a little different, but that’s ok this will all come with time. Knowing which trade to pounce on and which to leave to “marinate” a bit longer can be a little tricky at first too but with our free materials, weekly live trainings, and timely updates for upgraded subscribers, you are in an excellent position to succeed.

Set Alerts and Adjust as you Go


— — — — — — — — — —

> Entry Blue Line: 0.00128 / 0.00132

> Sell: 0.00142 / 0.00158 / 0.00172 / 0.00187 / 0.00203

> Stop loss: 0.00116

R/R — 5.8

Allocation Limit (+/- 2%) — $3,000/ $300

(Subject to Change)

✅ Profit: 10.46% — 58.64%

Timeframe: Next Days (2–14 Days)

Signal provider: Day Trade Masters

Powered by BitcoinTAF.com

Trading pair and the exchange that you will look for in the Symbol Search bar.

> Entry Blue Line: 0.00128 / 0.00132
Zone where it is safe to enter the trade.

> Sell: 0.00142 / 0.00158 / 0.00172 / 0.00187 / 0.00203
These are our Target (TP) points in which we set sell orders through OCO (Binance) or Stop Limit orders (Kucoin).

> Stop loss: 0.00116
The Stop is where the order is triggered, and the Limit is where we don’t want the order to sell below (typically 1% but depends on the coin).

R/R — 5.8
This is the Risk/ Reward ratio, which can be around 2 for Free Trade Setups, or have been as high as 17 for the subscribed members.

Allocation Limit (+/- 2%) — $3,000/ $300
This is the recommended trade allocation size, based upon data from coingecko.com where we take the +/- 2% depth on Binance or Kucoin. This means if we were to market sell that amount, it would cause a 2% impact to the price. Some of these are as high as $500,000 or more, so we have a range for every trader.

✅ Profit: 10.46% — 58.64%
Profit range between TP1 and the Final TP

Timeframe: Next Days (2–14 Days)
Trade setups expire after 14 days, but don’t necessarily take that long to play out. You can also farm for additional gains using our Farming Strategy

Free Trade Setups are posted once a week and introduce newer users to the concept of Day Trading without having to purchase a 3 months subscription. You can use the Farming or Set & Forget strategies for both Free Trade Setups and the Upgraded Trade Setups that have been as high as TP8 and over 110% profits. Typical time requirements are 2–4 hours per week with our upgraded setups and less than 30 minutes per week with the Free.

Typically we recommend setting alerts for:

  • Entry Zone (Once Per Bar or Once Per Bar Close)
  • Take Profit Points (TP1 etc on Once Per Bar)
  • Stop Loss (Once Per Bar)

Avoid Fake-Outs

Waiting for support on Entry can mean the difference between “getting frustrated and taking a break from the desk” and “enjoying life until the trade proves direction and hopping in for easy profits”. Not Financial Advice, just speaking from experience.

Enter too early without knowing exactly what you’re looking for can result in a Loss, in this case -9.47%

Whereas waiting for Support on Entry can have the opposite experience (+10.46% profit), we know exactly when the candle closes based upon the timer on the right hand side of the screen and can put in an allocation with a Market Order, immediately followed by a Stop-Limit.

Pay Particular Attention to Allocation Size

Allocation Limit (+/- 2%) — $3,000/ $300

(Subject to Change)

Allocation Limit simply means the amount of USD that will push the price + or — 2%. These figures can be verified on CoinGecko and searching the coin, AI or Multiverse in this instance.

It’s good practice to verify allocation limit with every trade setup as it fluctuates in real time and regularly changes. Then just scroll to the bottom and you’ll see the stats on each exchange that the coin is listed on.

Use Proper Diversification Methods

There is only so much attention we can apply in so many directions before we start impacting our results. That’s where first starting out, we recommend sticking to just 3 trade setups at one time. Once you grow more accustomed to managing 3, you can step it up to 5 active trades at one time, any more than this becomes very difficult to maximize the profits on each trade using our different strategies mentioned HERE.

As your skills evolve as a Day Trader there will be more advanced methods to enhance your results and more time-saving strategies on this covered in The Ultimate Day Trading Course

Don’t Chase a Trade, Let Them Come to You

We put out on average 8–10 Trade Setups per week, so there’s always more opportunity to make profits. Set up your charts, set up the alerts and go about your day — sometimes the best trade is the one that you DON”T make 😉

If you’re still having trouble see results consistently you can Apply for our 1on1 Coaching & Coinsulting Programs Today and we can help you fix any bad habits while positioning for long-term success with the biggest opportunity of our lifetime.




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