Behind the Brand — Theresa Taljaard

Adding value to people’s lives through training and education is the core of the Bitcoin Trend & Forecast brand. Each of our trainers have a long-standing history in the crypto space (50 years combined experience, in fact) and most importantly, they all have one common goal — to teach others and help them grow.

Today we celebrate Theresa Taljaard, one of the knowledgeable faces behind Small Cap Big Gains as well as Hodlnots, two of our established courses available online.

Theresa is a risk taker by nature and her trading style reflects that, often jumping into trades based on a gut feel and not always analyse the coin in order to make a profit. This level of self-awareness has helped Theresa find valuable balance by committing to longer term trades as well.

Since joining BitcoinTAF, Theresa has explored her passion for day trading and scalp trading, refining her skills on a daily basis while allowing midterm trades to build her portfolio. Theresa’s next big goal is to successfully invest in long-term trades and foundation coins over the next two years in order to build generational wealth

“I have learnt that balancing your portfolio is very important. You need the correct coin selection for your portfolio to grow substantially”.

Theresa Taljaard currently resides in South Africa, with a successful background in farming and business. Her experience in effective business management has served her two companies over a span of several years and is currently a business partner in Hodlnots, a key analyst for Small Cap Big Gains as well as a valuable lead at Inner Circle, BitcoinTAF’s prestige client offering.

Theresa uses this tried and tested winner’s mindset to navigate the cryptocurrency space, constantly trying to find new ways to perfect trading and not settling for the status quo. She is our (and your) go-to, problem solving guru (no matter how big or small).

Whether it’s delving deeper into your existing indicators, learning new indicators, setting stop losses or setting up trades, discovering decentralized exchanges like Metamask and Uniswap usage or simply setting up wallets, Theresa aims to help others understand all aspects of the space in order to find your own style and trade consistently. Her hope is to see others excel and become financially free and independent.



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