Crypto Savvy — Trading Safely and Securely

The exponential rise to popularity that cryptocurrency has experienced over the few years has greatly benefitted people from all walks of life around the world, providing an opportunity to learn, grow and earn in an exciting, easily accessible online environment.

Unfortunately, this has also given rise to all-to-popular crypto scams, including industry ‘figures’ and ‘opinion leaders’ who are often sponsored by brands to push their individual agendas as opposed to transparently educating their eager audiences with much need, unbiased trading tips, tricks and information.

Ever heard the saying: “If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is”? Thought so.

This term, often used when it comes to promised ‘lucrative’ investments or ‘get rich quick’ schemes, is something to keep top of mind in the opportunistic by nature cryptocurrency space. Arm yourself with information to avoid misleading websites or people who offer:

· Guaranteed returns

· Setups that require you to invest large sums of money with the promise of greater returns

· Phishing emails from unknown sources that entice you to send cryptocurrency, provide wallet details or even ask you to click-through to other vague or unrecognisable websites — all in an attempt to acquire your crypto wallet private keys

· Crypto ‘fake news’ sources and sites that are not well known and trusted by the community

· Crypto ‘influencers’ who post sponsored content aimed at providing biased trading advice in their favour (especially when they do not CLEARLY disclaim the paid or even unpaid partnership)

In almost all cases, this approach can lead to disappointment when eager traders try to get their money out, only to discover that they can’t.

It’s crucial to always do your homework and background checks. Arm yourself with knowledge and surround yourself with people who can be trusted and do not make over-the-top promises.

Completely new to the crypto world? Take a paid for training course (free courses are almost always sponsored and contain biased material). As an example, the Bitcoin Trend & Forecast brand exclusively provides training & educational content to help all experience levels navigate their personal, unique journeys. None of these self-developed courses include financial advice and is developed to teach you how to do it yourself and do not buy, sell or invest cryptocurrencies on your behalf.



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