I will only sell my Bitcoin at $1 million

1 min readNov 29, 2022

The system wants you to believe Bitcoin will go to zero. The simple reason behind it is they want to take your Bitcoin. Period.

For this very reason, I will only sell my stash of Bitcoin when it hits $1 million. I am a Long Term Trader. I use three strategies to grow my portfolio and they work!

I am going to provide you with two important short videos here below so you can get a glimpse of how I trade and how it would be possible to turn a small portfolio into profit. In this video below I show how I made 50% in Litecoin in less than 13 days. I sow you my secrets….

Consider your options. You either trade alone, or you trade in a group that has the experience, made the mistakes and will do the hard yards for you. Do not overthink this, join for free and check out the rest.

Link here: https://bitcointaf.com/create-account

Post written by Marius Landman, CEO Bitcoin Trend and Forecast

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