Scalp Trading Made Easy

You may have heard of the term ‘HODL”, referring to buy-and-hold cryptocurrency strategies. This approach goes against trading based on short-term price moves, assuming that all novice traders are more likely to succeed by simply holding onto their coin.

This is NOT always the case. Newbie traders can be equipped with the right training and knowledge to time the market and ‘scoop’ profits on a regular basis. Scalping is simply the strategy of buying a coin at a lower price and selling it at a higher price in a shorter time frame. This forms the foundation of the HODLNOTS™ way, where any small profits can easily compound into large gains and, with a tight stop loss, capital can be protected.

Crypto trading can be daunting although it doesn’t need to be. The goal, in this case, is to scalp trade the markets for daily profits in both uptrends and downtrends and all you need is a very basic understanding of cryptocurrency, how to buy Bitcoin/USDT, and have wallet management. This strategy is suitable for a variety of lifestyles and ages, including:

· Students
· Retirees
· Stay-at-home parents
· Unemployed due to COVID
· Anyone looking to supplement their income
· People looking to learn a new skill or hobby

The secret to a successful and sustainable trading journey lies in finding a trading style and support that suits your unique individual needs and lifestyle. Scalpers enjoy lower levels of risk because their time frames spent exposed to the market is so short.

If you can set aside a little dedicated time, stay focused and act swiftly while exercising patience discipline, this is your game - and it’s never too late to start.

PS - The HODLNOTS™ live online course teaches you how to make profitable quick scalp trades safely, with a member reported average of 5% per day. It is recommended you take the course as this will give you access to the Hodlnator Indicator used to scalp trade ALT coins, Tokens, and NFTs. Hodlnots is based upon support while you are in our Telegram DEN. You are also able to trade in a team environment with analysts and trainers ready to assist when required.

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