Nov 22, 2021

2 min read

Signals - Knowing when to buy and sell

A large concern for many crypto-curious individuals who lead busy lives is a lack of time to commit to keeping an eye on coin performance on a regular basis. Having access to historically proven best in class day trade data analysis in real time is the ultimate game-changer.

The BitcoinTAF brand as a whole puts training and education first with an aim to foster the most profitable trading community environment for our members. By having access to a team of analysts with 15 years combined trading experience, the hard miles have already been run to ensure our TrendSig product offers value. No matter the skill level, easy access to accurate and time-proven trade setups to reach higher goals daily is possible.

Accessibility to these valuable signals is key and TrendSig team understands that. Our easy-to-use Telegram Channel allows us to do just that, with alerts sent straight to your smart device. This ensures you have ample time to take action on the most lucrative opportunities available at your fingertips — mirroring our results.

The TrendSig goal is to help our members protect their wealth when market conditions aren’t favourable, providing fewer signals. Simply put, signal frequency increases when market conditions are good to maximize profitability. This allows you to “set and forget” the trade so you can live your life without worry.

Like all good things, you reap what you sow. Taking some time to learn through additional training will always enhance your results and is highly recommended, even when your portfolio grows and you feel confident about your skill set.

Enhance your technical and analytical knowledge and strategy with our self-paced ‘Learn how to Day Trade’ course, designed to complement the use of our signals so our members can benefit fully and reach their potential.

Depending on market conditions, 1–2 signals are the norm but on occasion, we may have 5+ that focus on:

· Buy zones on select coins
· Profit targets 1–5
· Stop losses
· Percentage gains

It’s important to note that the purpose of our courses is always for coaching and training purposes, never to be misinterpreted as financial advice. Be aware of your risk tolerance and take action accordingly.