The Barney Bot — your new BFF (Bot Friend Forever)

B is for BARNEY and B is for BOT — Put them together and that’s ME — The Barney Bot — your new BFF. (Bot Friend Forever)

I am the newly developed and intelligently coded BOT belonging to HODLNOTS. The HODLNOTS team spent many long, hard months, with an expert coder working closely with Wendy Landman, to develop me. I automatically find coins on the trading platforms that have the potential for BIG RUNS — and I continuously pop up here, there and everywhere to find them quickly for you!

Sure, you could do this yourself. Finding these potential big runs can be done many ways. You can spend hours upon hours doing technical research, endlessly analysing charts and setting tens or hundreds of alarms and alerts. But, do you have that much time to spend each day doing all this?

Instead, how about allowing me do this for you. I constantly give signal tips to you on the 1-minute, 15 minute and 1-hour time frames so you can use me for all methods of cryptocurrency trading. My playground is Binance and KuCoin for now, but many coins run on different platforms at the same time so I should help you find the same running coins on others as well.




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