The most effective three strategies when trading cryptocurrencies. Turn your portfolio over 10x.

Three trade strategies that grew my portfolio 10x. Part 1 to 4.

I am going to keep this post short and sweet and to the point. Here are 4 short videos (approximately 120 seconds), which will show you how we as analyst trade the cryptocurrency markets.

It’s a no brainer, it’s a “no clever trick”, its not the case where the guy with the high IQ out performs the guy with the low IQ. It’s literally the guy who uses the three trade strategies to turn a small portfolio into profit.

I use Long Term Trade Reports as startegy #1
Then I use Elliott Wave Count as Strategy #2
Then finally, I use a combination of two indicators as strategy #3.

This 4 short videos will explain it all.

Do not overthink it! Join the BitcoinTAF Family here for free and then check it out, link here:

Marius Landman
Founder Bitcoin Trend and Forecast

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Marius Landman



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