Trading for a Cause — Making a Difference with HelpFund

“Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have” — Jim Rohn

At the core of our brand family’s values, lies the belief that trading with a purpose is so much more rewarding and that caring for our community is critical to the collective goal of our members — to learn, grow and trade successfully.

The HODLNOTS HelpFund does just that, by providing support to members of our community who really need it. In addition to helping our members, we also identify charitable causes and external communities on a project basis, helping where we can through trading and shared knowledge or skills.

To date, we’ve proudly assisted projects like:

· Abi’s Arc — Animal Rehabilitation Centre for wild and farm animals managed by 10 year old Abi and her family.

· Teen Challenge QLD — An organisation that helps thousands of young people overcome addiction, abuse and other life-controlling problems, giving them a second chance at life.

Our most recent project is currently underway in New Edubiase, Ghana, where our Crypto Cares project will help supply much needed, safe to consume water to a mission house and school.

We recognise that each individual has a preferred way of helping others. This is why we’ve ensured that our HelpFund facilitates this with a variety of ways to get involved. Whether it’s through fun TradeUp team challenges or simple profit donations, every effort counts — especially during a time where countless people have lost their jobs with no way to supplement their income.

LTC Crypto Cares ™ is the Pay-it-Forward Platform of the Hodlnots community and the avenue through which you can donate to charitable causes, assist fellow Hodlnots in need and improve the lives of many through your involvement in the projects that Crypto Cares undertakes. To get involved, contact and our team will gladly help answer any questions you may have.



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