What is Small Cap Big Gains all about?

Founded in 2016, Bitcoin TAF is one of the leading institutions that provides training, technical data, and fundamental research to its members. Whether you are a beginner in need of specialised education or an experienced trader seeking to add an edge to your portfolio, Bitcoin Trend & Forecast offers 12 various products to their members that will assist in achieving trading, mindset, and strategic objectives. Some of these products include,

  • Long Term Reports By Marius
  • Small Cap Big Gains Reports
  • Short Term Scalp Trades (HODLNOTS)
  • Day Trade Signals
  • Inner Circle Private Group

Head over to Bitcoin Trend & Forecast official website bitcointaf.com to discover the many educational and training products we offer.

Small Cap Big Gains

Small Cap Big Gains (SCBG) is one of the most popular products offered at Bitcoin TAF. SCBG’s founder, Bill Nolan and his team assist individuals in developing a better knowledge of cryptocurrencies and advising novice up to experienced investors on effectively managing their portfolios and trades.

What are the Benefits of SCBG Membership?

At SCBG, we give thorough information on the chart analysis and risk analysis of the ten most promising cryptocurrency projects every week. Joining Small Cap Big Gains is an excellent option if you’re looking to bolster your Long Term Strategy to include dedicated Small Cap Big Gains (SCBG) instructional reports or buy them as a stand-alone educational product.

  • The Weekly SCBG Report includes well researched small-cap ALT coins, NFTs & Tokens with enough educational content within reports to make informed trading decisions.
  • Weekly Report with Detailed Chart Analysis and detailed information on ten potentially bullish cryptocurrency coins at the time. As we examine global trends frequently, the assets we follow may change.
  • We will invite all our members to a Weekly Live Zoom Call where the current report and significant market changes are discussed.
  • Regular Updates on the current state of the coins through a dedicated Telegram Channel.
  • We will occasionally include Training and Educational Content on specific topics where we recognise a need for it.

Additionally, we seek to introduce new and promising IDO, ICO, or IEO stage projects to our community once a quarter. Each project is subjected to a seven-step verification procedure to be approved and establish trust as an investment option. The project’s specifics are disclosed to our members, only if the project successfully passes the vetting process. This is done to ensure that our members have the best possible opportunities to gain the maximum profit possible!

Pricing information and any other pertinent information regarding Small Cap Big Gains can be found here: https://bitcointaf.com/product/small-cap-big-gains-reports-by-bill/bitcoin

7 Step Vetting Process by SCBG

This approach is used to verify that the early stage initiatives brought to the members’ attention are trustworthy and have the potential to expand in the future.

  • Is there a real-world use case for this project?
  • Is there a platform, protocol, or end product usable?
  • Is their rollout plan for adaptation viable?
  • Do they have an experienced management and development team?
  • Do their tokenomics support a successful business model?
  • Have they or will they be able to raise funds to see the project through?
  • Do they have high-profile investors or deep pockets involved?

We believe we adequately explained Bitcoin TAF, Small Cap Big Gains, and the seven-step vetting process. Do not forget to join and follow our social media pages for any further information.



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